Thursday, September 06, 2012

Spending my Time....

The first week of school has come and gone. Nick had a bit of a rough afternoon the first day on the bus, and after doing some brainstorming between myself, the bus driver, and the aide on the bus, we decided that the straps on his car seat might have been too tight. The second day they were loosened, and he has been happy ever since.

And as for how I am spending MY time while they are at school? I am back in school myself! I am pursuing my degree in early childhood ed. and am enrolled as a full time student. I am taking three classes Mon-Wed-Fri-Sat. Between homework, school, housework, kids, sports, and errands, there is not much time left. But I am enjoying it.

Michael is doing well in school so far. He comes home everyday and does his homework without being nagged. That's a huge step for him! Not much to post really. Life is good. We are back on a structured schedule, and Nick is thriving. Can't get much better than this.