Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dairy Free....

We saw an ENT/Allergist on Thursday with Nick. The kid has some issues that we would like to get to the bottom of. For one, his seemingly non-stop craving for milk and yogurt. Milk was the only drink he ever asked for; even though he clearly knew the words/PECS for juice. I was buying 3-4 gallons of milk every week, most of that going to Nick. He could also do the same with yogurt. He would eat an entire 6 pack in one sitting. I have even caught him sneaking into the fridge to get yogurt at times. Two, he has started to have some sinus and congestion problems. We also began to suspect that he was having headaches and stomach aches. The doc took us in, looked in his ears, nose, and throat, and said everything checked out there. We talked more about his meltdowns, possible headaches, stomach aches, sinus problems etc. He is willing to do some allergy testing on Nick (blood tests) after we try removing dairy from his diet first. If we see no change in him in two weeks, he told us to call and they will get him tested.

So, we have been without dairy now for three days. It's hard to say whether it has helped, since it has only been three days, but I do believe he is going through some withdrawals. Thursday evening was simply awful. He had numerous meltdowns and his legs even started shaking. Mike was wanting to quit right then and there and give him some yogurt, but I said no. He had applesauce instead. Friday was better. I informed his school that he was not to have dairy, and sent in some juice and snacks for him. Instead of getting morning yogurt with his medicine, I gave him oatmeal. He went to school and had a decent day. A couple of meltdowns with aggression, but overall it was decent. Today, has been somewhat decent. He had a major meltdown around 10am that lasted for 15-20 min. Complete with self injury, aggression, and screaming. Then around 4pm he had some dry heaves before he vomited up some of his hot dogs he had for lunch. I think it might be the orange juice. It might be too acidic for him, so I guess I am just going to have to watch out for that. His strep throat has cleared up, and he does not sound very congested anymore so that is good. We have a couple more days left of the amoxicillin and then I can quit that. We hope that he stays well for a nice period of time! We could all use a break from seeing so much of the doctor and pharmacist!