Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Spring Madness!

Last week was one busy week. Let me see if I can recap what happened.Tuesday morning Nick had a fasting blood draw to measure his levels since he is on the risperidone. One of the things they check is his cholesterol, since the medication can cause it to rise. I let him sleep a little longer in the morning so that we did not have time to sit. The less time we had to sit, the less time he had to miss his morning yogurt. The kids got off to school without a hitch. This was also the first week Mike started his new job. He had training three days from Tues-Thurs, and his shift was from 10am-6pm. After the kids went to school, I had to drop Mike off at work and then travel into Erie to Nick's school to give him his morning yogurt with his medication in it. While there I asked how the blood draw went. The nurse told me he did very well! He did not like the needle part (who does?), but he was fine the second they said "all done". I was glad to hear that he had done so well and that we had avoided a complete meltdown. Tuesday was also Michael's 13th birthday!! He got to go out to Wal-Mart with me and pick out whatever he wanted. This is what he picked out:

Wednesday I had a meeting at the school with his team. I was asked to come up with plans over the three week break that he gets so that they can make pictures for him. They will send us his PECS notebook home with him so that he can have a visual schedule daily. This really does help lessen his anxiety. So now I have to come up with things that we might do over the break. He is doing really well, and we have another meeting set up for the 21st.

Thursday and Friday are pretty much a blur. Thursday Nick came home with a fever, but was otherwise ok. We asked him if he wanted to see the zamboni or stay home. Michael had a hockey game that evening that we had all planned on attending. Nick said he wanted to stay home. We asked him again just to be sure. He said "Stay home". So, I stayed home with Nick while the other boys went to the game. I was a little bummed out, but in the end I am glad I stayed home with Nick. They won the game, and I got the report that Michael made some pretty awesome saves. (Damn it, I hate Murphy's Law! Just when things are going good...WHAM!) Nick ended up missing school on Friday because by this time his fever was around 101 and he was coughing and sniffling. It went up and down all day long, into Saturday. His fever got as high as 102 Friday night when I woke him up for another dose of medicine.

Saturday we had a small birthday party for Michael. It was a rather low key day, and by that time Nick was feeling good enough to be a part of the action. He enjoyed the company of the other kids, even if it was strictly on his own terms just by being near them. Through all of this we had very few meltdowns (YAY!!) and escaped another sinus infection. I am so petrified now that every cold he gets will turn into a sinus infection. I use all kinds of nose sprays, saline, and decongestants when he is sick.

This week is looking a little less hectic. Friday I am going to a Mother's Day lunch at Nick's school. Thursday is another hockey game. I also need to make a trip to the grocery store tomorrow. Other than that, much more relaxed than last week. At least, so far. It is only Tuesday after all! :)