Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Best News of the Week!

Ever since we took the boys out of the previous school district last Friday, we have been waiting with bated breath as to where Nick would be placed. In the previous they sent him to the Elizabeth Lee Black school at the Barber National Institute; which is where we wanted him to go ever since we first saw the school on the internet. The two weeks he was there were fantastic! We got reports daily of how he was doing, what he ate, if he had any meltdowns, etc. But, since we were in a different district now, there was the chance that he would not attend that school-since he has to be referred there by the school district. I have been calling the new school district as well as Barber everyday this week to see what was going on. As of this morning at 10am they was still waiting on paperwork. I called his caseworker this morning and I am sure she could sense my frustration with the whole process being so slow. "It can take a few days for all the paperwork to get done. Just keep calling; you are doing the right things..."

I had to go to the store and get some more bread anyway, and it kind of took my mind off things for a little while. I grabbed the keys, said goodbyes, and off I went. When I got back, I started unloading everything and making Nick some lunch. Around 11:30 the phone rang. I knew who it was by the number...our caseworker.
Her first words were "I got some good news for you!" "Nick can start back here tomorrow morning!" OMG! That was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Mike said he never doubted Nick would stay at Barber; but until I heard the confirmation, there was always a chance they could say No. But, they have said Yes. It was a victory today. I went over to Nick; told him to give me a HI-5, and told him he was going back to school tomorrow!