Friday, February 03, 2012

Our Long Vacation is almost coming to a close.....

Hard to believe that our stay in Florida is now over and that we are once again living life on the road. A few weeks at Nana's house gave us at least another whole suitcase full of clothes. Considering we were almost at max capacity already in the RV with clothes, finding space for the new ones has been quite a challenge. The boys got almost every Angry Birds tee shirts known to man. We had a wonderful time in Florida. We spent afternoons at the beach (who knew they would love it so much? Especially Nick?) We took a trip to the Sanford Zoo, and Michael completed his first ever zip line course! He loved it! We spent lots of time with family, and that was awesome. During our last weekend there we threw an early birthday party for Nick. We just had a small family party with presents and cake. Nick took a little while to come around as there were a few people who seemed to show up all at once. We sang Happy Birthday to him, even though he was less than impressed with our singing abilities. He promptly stood in the corner and waited for everyone else to finish their cake before he sat down and had a piece. No one cared. There were no expectations placed on him, he did things his way. Yes I had to prompt him to open his presents....but who cares. None of them did. They were all opened eventually. He knew on some deep level that this day was about him. He smiled when I told him we were going to pick up his cake (Angry Birds...of course!) He ate two whole pieces this year!

Wednesday we left Florida and headed back up to South Carolina. We are visiting with more family here for a few days before heading up north for good. Got a couple more busy days ahead, starting with tomorrow. Not sure how much of our plans will be changed due to Nicks moods at the time, but we will deal with that when it comes. We started him on Magnesium Calcium Citrate with vitamin D3 while in Florida. We have seen some pretty amazing results. He is able to tolerate going to places a little more and not as anxious. Yesterday we were shocked that he sat in a barber's chair and let them cut his hair! He saw his dad and big brother getting a haircut, and he wanted one too. The Barber has always been a source of meltdowns due to the noise of the vacuums attached to the clippers. The fact he tolerated this and was proud of himself afterwards makes me a firm believer that this is working. He DOES understand that not everyone has these issues. It is apparent when he walks away smiling and proud of himself for doing something so simple. He has been able to go ice skating again, go to stores, and the beach with no meltdowns. Now he actually wants to go places! He jumps at the chance to go "bye bye", whereas before he would have so much anxiety that he did not enjoy going anywhere, and everything would bother him. I just want to make things easier for my little man...and judging from the last three weeks, we are on the right path. Hope it continues and I did not just jinx myself :)