Saturday, October 22, 2011

Too Tired to think of a title.....

I have been working long hours the past two weeks with no days off; so I am a little worn out right now but I thought I would update everyone while the boys went out for a drive. Yep, hubby took Nick out for a while because he actually said he wanted to go bye bye. Not really sure why. He had just come out of a complete meltdown, and once again I think his other tooth coming in is the cause. Ever since he has lost the "crud" from two weeks ago he has been perfectly fine at home. Still not so much at school though. Not sure what to make of that. After his suspension, they sent home two packets full of questionaires they need answered. I have not had a chance to fill them out just yet because I have been working so much. My plan is to sit down tomorrow and accomplish that!

Yesterday was my first day off, so I decided to take both my boys to school. What a rare treat that was! Nick had some french toast sticks, Michael had some cereal and all was happy. I drove Nick to school first since his school starts at 8am. We get to his class, and he gets settled at the table next to another student. They are having their little breakfast. Mind you, it is 8:05am. Nick gets offered milk or juice? He takes Milk, but does not drink any of it. His teacher said this was happening quite a bit. Nick is not eating as much as he used to. Hmmm? Really? He devoured his french toast this morning. He has been eating entire Happy Meals and then still wanting more. But, teacher says he is not eating in school and thinks he may have a toothache??? So, again, the french toast this morning was devoured without any hint of pain. And I; of all people, should know when this kid is in pain....he hits ME. So, around 8:10 a bell rings. Teacher announces it is time for reading and that the kids must clean up their breakfasts. (10 minutes to eat??) Upon this announcement, another teacher walks in the room with a few more kids. The noise level increases, and Nick begins to lose it. He hits the aide next to him, I walk over and tell him NO. He hits me. He needs to escape this chaos as I can clearly see it is bugging him. His teacher asks him if he wants to go and lay on the mat. He says "Mat". It is 8:15-8:20 and he is already overloaded. No one seems to know why this is happening?? I want to scream "HE HAS AUTISM!! HE IS IN OVER LOAD WITH ALL THIS CHAOS!" how can they NOT see it?? I had to leave my little man lying on the mat, trying his hardest just to pull through. I gave him a hug and told him to simply do his best, and that I loved him.

Today we went to watch Michael in his skating class. Hard to believe he only started skating a year ago, and now wants to do it all the time. He is getting so good! Today he attempted a jump/spin combo but ended up falling down pretty good. Nick saw him fall, and bless his heart, he kept asking if we were going to get a pillow?? He then asked if we were going to the doctor. Michael was a little banged up, but he is fine. Managed to get Nick to skate on the ice one time! He was mixed with being petrified and happy at the same time.  Anyway, I was happy to just get him out there, even if it was for only one time around.

He had a few meltdowns today at home. I know the last one was due to me telling him he could not have his yogurt until after he finished his dinner. Anyway, I am tired, and I have to get Nick ready for bed. It is the only time he stops going 100mph, and I can get any sort of 'me' time.