Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'd Love to Catch a Break...Sometime in the Year 2011...

I think we are now on Round 3 of antibiotics. Everything was going along just fine for the month that we were on them. I was hoping that this would all be just a distant memory by now. It nearly was. Until Wednesday. Wednesday we once again started getting calls from the school. Nick was having more meltdowns and self injury. He was hitting kids on the bus and apparently had to be restrained. Bus driver said to the teachers who came to pick Nick up once he got to school that it was "not her job to restrain him". Really?? I KNOW it is not your job to restrain him, but what the hell do you expect us to do when he is not with us?? Kept him out of school on Thursday. He was fineOKAY. Had a couple of tantrums but seemed to be handled within minutes.

Friday he woke up in a great mood! Was eating waffles, drinking his milk, and all around happy. I thought, ok, we are back on track. I call the school a couple hours later to see how he was doing. "Not good" his teacher told me. They were having to separate him from the other kids so he would not hit them. He was having meltdowns again. I ask if it might be helpful if I go down there and give him some Advil. She said that would be great, and with that I left. I brought the Advil to his class and gave him some. I stuck around for about an hour or so to see if it took effect. By the time I left he was happy, able to participate in class, and was laughing. GREAT!

Friday afternoon he came off the bus and just looked drained. He let the bus driver give him a hug, I guess to sort of apologize to her for his actions on Wednesday. He came home and was not himself. He refused to eat and drink--even his favorite foods. He got through therapy fairly well, but after that it was downhill. I tried to get him to drink even a little bit of milk. Milk is his fave drink! He normally gulps that up in seconds! He would not even hold the cup to his mouth. We had to give him milk through a syringe. He refused dinner--even though he loves pork chops. He barely ate even his yogurt; which is another HIGHLY preferred food. Something was wrong. He was also going downhill as far as his behavior. We got him to bed, but he actually came out screaming/crying a few minutes later. This was another abnormal thing. He usually stays in bed once we put him down for the night. He got up a couple times, but finally went back to bed for the night around 9pm.

This morning he was a total wreck. He did not want anything to eat or drink, and had numerous meltdowns. I was DONE with this shit. We all climbed in the car and headed off to the Emergency Room. AGAIN. For the second time in two weeks. The doctors could not figure it out. Here is a kid who does not look sick, but his behavior says otherwise. It also does not help things when Nick is calm and quiet everytime we have been there. We were adamant that SOMETHING is wrong with him. We told them of his sinus infection that was only caught with an MRI that was done for a completely different reason. That he had been on antibiotics for a month and he was happy. And now that his antibiotics had ended their course on the 15th of Sept, things were once again going south. There must be some remaining infection. We asked if they could do X-rays to see what could be bothering him. We were told that x-rays would not reveal anything in the sinuses. That the only way to see those were from CT scans or MRI. These were both out the window by that time because he had already had bits of juice and applesauce, and they would have to sedate him. We came out of there a little frustrated, but at least we had more medications to give him. We thought once we gave him those, it will be fine again. NOPE.

We came home and gave him a dose of amoxicillin and zyrtec right off the bat. He was good for a while. We started to breathe a sigh of relief. Until he went into another meltdown. And then another. And then another. It did not stop. The only thing that stopped him was to put pressure on his gums. Mike had a hunch that he had to follow up on. Nick's top teeth had fallen out MONTHS ago. Just recently we have been able to see just the teeniest amount of adult teeth showing through. Are you fucking kidding me??!! Mike proceeded to call around to find a pediatric dentist who might A) be able to get us in this weekend, or B) confirm his hunch that this could be the culprit. After talking with someone, they confirmed that it sounds like a classic case of 'teething'...albeit on a 7year old. Yes, it now appears that my 7 YEAR old is 'teething'! OMG. Makes perfect sense with all his symptoms. 1. putting hands in mouth 2. refusing to eat/drink 3. Cranky, cranky, cranky 4. Feeling better with a cold washcloth/or vibrating tooth brush in his mouth.

I want to crawl into a hole in the fetal position and not come out! Did we not have a bad enough summer that the fall now has to suck too??!! Can't my kid and his exhausted parents get a freaking break??!! I fucking swear!! And yes, I realize I am swearing an awful lot in this post, but FUCK!! I feel like we barely survived with the whole sinus infection thing, now we got this new problem. And it is a doozie folks. No amount of antibiotics can kill teething pain. We bought Orajel; but honestly the shit wears off fairly quickly. I sincerely hope his teeth erupt over fucking night, 'cause I have no idea how much longer we can withstand this crapola. And yes, to cover our bases we have an appointment with his doctor on Tuesday, and likely a dentist appointment before the end of the week.