Monday, August 29, 2011

One More Week......

That is all that I have left to survive the summer. I have to keep telling myself that. You see, ever since little Mister has been feeling better, he has been getting INTO everything! Nothing has been safe. Whatever survived his rages earlier this summer, is now trying to survive him feeling 100% again. Heck, I am trying to survive him feeling 100% again. The Wii has taken up permanent residence behind the tv. Honestly, it is safer there. The remote controls have seen far better days. Most of them are minus their batteries and backsides. We had to install some new hardware in the house to actually keep Nick IN. We are now the proud owners of two golden flip locks installed at the top of two doors, and three door alarms. Nick took a liking to visiting various people in the neighborhood.

Then yesterday this happened. It was a normal Nick day of him doing "big no-no's", and laughing. Then suddenly his laughing stopped. He came to me twice wanting me to fix his owie. He pulled my hand to his abdomen. He was hanging on the baby gate and seemed to be in some pain. He went and got the first aid kit, and attempted to put a used (don't ask. I have a house full of boys.) band aid on it. He then turned as pale as you see in the pic above. I thought it might be worth getting checked out, and Nick was not opposed to going to the doctor.
Three hours and a set of x-rays later we were discharged with a much better child. We think he was simply a little Backed Up in there.

Right now he is sitting on daddy's lap laughing and enjoying being tickled.