Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nick is BACK!!

I am happy to say that we finally have the REAL Nick back. Last weekend was a busy one with a hockey tournament in Bremerton. Our first game was Friday evening at 6pm. I got off work at 2pm, we made our way over to Gig Harbor to pick up the trailer by about 3pm. It was getting some minor repairs done after sitting on the RV storage lot for nearly a year. Of course, it was raining. We had to get everything hooked up to the Jeep in the rain, and make it down to the campsite. We got to the campsite and got everything level and hooked up(or so we thought), and by this time we had to leave for the rink..which was 30 min away. Our game went well even though we lost, and then we had the job of heading back to the trailer. Before we could do that however, we had to do some grocery shopping!

Yes, that is my 7yr old IN the shopping cart. It is simply easier to control him when you are trying to look for things in an unfamiliar store. And he enjoyed it. I don't care who stared at us. That was a busy night, and we had to get up at 5am the next morning for another game! In fact, that was pretty much our weekend. Did I mention that we had no water pressure for our hot water?? We spent the rest of the time trying to figure that out-and resorted to using the campsite showers. Oh well. Needless to say, we were simply exhausted by the time we drove home on Sunday. But, we had a GREAT time watching the boys play in the tournament!!

Monday it looked like things were returning to normal. Until 2pm when I got a phone call from Nicks' school. It was the school nurse telling me that Nick had bitten his cheek not once, but twice and it was bleeding pretty bad. They did not want to send him on the bus like that and requested that he be picked up. I said OK and was on my way. The whole time I was wondering WHY he had bitten himself in the first place? What happened? By the time I got to his classroom to pick him up he was sitting at his desk twirling a toy. I could tell that this was not good. No one could say for sure what had provoked him. His mouth was tore up on the inside and I could tell that he was clearly hurting.
I dropped him off at the house with daddy and went back to work. As I drove, the idea of homeschooling Nick went through my mind. Why don't his teachers seem to understand him? When it was time for Nicks' therapist to arrive, Nick took one look and immediately started crying. He laid on his bed from Monday afternoon until Tuesday afternoon! He was not feeling well on top of his mouth hurting. He was barely eating and drinking. It was so bad that I took him to the doctor Wednesday evening. I wanted to make sure we were not missing anything with this illness or whatever it was. Since he was barely eating and drinking, I thought maybe his ears were getting infected, and with Nick, you really just never know. We can only tell how he feels by the way he acts. Laying down all day is not his normal thing. Nick is on the go from the time he gets up until the time he goes to bed. Turns out, everything they checked came back normal. At this point, I am not sure which is more frustrating right now. On one hand I am happy that everything comes back negative, on the other hand it really does not help in any way answering my questions as to why he is behaving so badly. They tell me to take him home and let it run its' course. What they don't realize is this thing has been running its' course for nearly a month and we are at breaking point....but I digress.
As if on cue, Nick turned on the charm at the doctor office. He was not the out of control lethargic child I was describing to them. He was smiling and laughing. Lord-are you listening...this was not funny. I am sure you were getting a good ole chuckle at my expense. Thursday was a little better, and by Friday...Nick was back in school. This was Nick today....

Bouncing on his ball and twirling his sock. He was happy, chatty, and cute. The Nick we all know and love. We are glad he is back, we missed him!