Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I was getting Nick ready for bed last night and we started to play around. He was being super cute so it was pretty hard to resist. Anyway, he got to doing one of his vocal stims (basically it sounded like he was barking like a dog..LOL) and I started to copy him. We both started laughing and Nick was adding more and more sounds to his repertoir. Of which I was not so talented in repeating. Suddenly Nick burst out laughing, spoke some jibberish, and then shouted "HAPPIIIEEE TALKIN!" Yes, Nick, we were Happy Talking together :)

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Back to Normal

The last week or so of Christmas break was rough. For us and for Nick. He was completely off his schedule and was a total wreck. Nick used to not be affected by a schedule change so much when he was first diagnosed. Now, if there is a schedule change he gets very anxious/nervous and is prone to meltdowns. Which is what Christmas break does to him. Even though his tutors continued to work with him-they were off schedule as well. We DID get to do some fun things in the first week, but with the overstimulation of Christmas day, the next week of break was just a horrible mess of meltdowns. I was very close to calling his doctor to increase his medication as I thought it's effectiveness had worn off and I was not willing to go through months of madness.

On Monday it was time for everyone to go back to school. I don't think anyone appreciated this more than us and Nick! After a couple of days Nick was back to being his normal cheeky self. Instead of screaming at his therapists he was using words. Toys were not being hurled in their direction(which I am sure they appreciated!) My picture frames are also getting a much needed break. They barely survived the holiday and have the scars to prove it. All week Nick has been a total rock star in his sessions! Boy am I glad for that. Things were getting downright hairy here for a while. Nick got several stern talking to's, and spent quite a bit of time in his room going "goodnight", a few objects were thrown, and two more picture frames were broken. All in the name of a Holiday Break. The crowning moment this last week was when Nick came and sat down next to daddy and watched TV with him. It was just a moment in time, but a moment that was very treasured.