Friday, December 23, 2011


We made it through Oregon and into California. We stayed the night Wednesday at a truck stop near Redding, and we were actually pretty comfortable there in the trailer. Thursday we headed further south to see some of Mike's family. We were shedding our jackets as we were getting further south. I think that is when we realized that we are so accustomed to colder weather-it was amazing to us to be just in normal clothes in December. The boys are having a blast getting to know their long lost cousins (whom we have not seen since our move up to Wa back in 2000-when all of them were just littles-including Michael who was 1yr old.)

Nick is being just Nick. We are used to him, but other people are not. Within minutes of visiting he had managed to knock down some picture frames. He was running to each room trying to do this. He knocked over the TV, took down their bulletin board, and a few other items. We try to stop him as best we can, but when your child is hell bent on knocking things over just to hear it drop (he cracked up at the huge bulletin board crashing to the ground) it can be hard to actually try to have a conversation with anyone. As soon as we let our guard down he was whizzing past us with arms extended and a satisfied grin on his face. The only time he stopped was when he was shoveling mac-n-cheese into his mouth. We decided it might be time to go and see some local Christmas lights-in part to get Nick interested in something else and spare the house more destruction. They assure me that it is OK, and that there is nothing he has knocked about (other than the TV) that cannot be replaced; but I still feel like a failure. I cannot control my child. More to it, I cannot control his autism. Even medicated he is hard to handle. Fortunately, everyone thinks Nick is cute and that we are just doing the best we can with him.

Sunset in Oregon

Christmas Lights!
On to the Christmas light display. It was HUGE! And so was the line to get in! We knew right when we drove up that there is no way Nick would tolerate standing in the huge line. Michael went out and stood in line with his cousins(they are now unseperable!) and the rest of us stood out in front with Nick. We pleaded our case with one of the local 'helpers' and he was nice enough to let us through without standing in the huge line. We had a short and sweet visit through the display, which was just what we wanted with Nick.
They have SUN in California! Who knew??!!

We are enjoying our time here in Cali with family! Not sure what is on the agenda for today, but I am sure it will be fun. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas! Safe travels if you are going to see relatives and friends. Will try to post again before Christmas, but if I don't, then have a safe and happy holiday!

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