Saturday, October 01, 2011

I Think We Are Back On Track.......

Dare I say that too soon?? For the past few days Nick has been back to his old self. He is using words appropriately and even told the dog "In the house!" as he held the back door open. A couple days ago he came to me with his toilet wipes in hand told me "There's poop!" and bent over so I could wipe him. In ABA he is now learning to identify words on flashcards. They started with his favorite....Zamboni. He is now up to about three words he can identify. This morning he had a minor meltdown mostly I think because it was out of the 'norm' to find me laying on the couch. It was sweltering in our bedroom, so I came out to the livingroom and turned on the fan early this morning. We had a repairman come out and fix our thermostat, and they fixed it alright. A couple of nights last week dipped into the 40's and our old thermostat was just blowing in air. Needless to say that left us shivering at night and in the early morning. Apparently our thermostat had been worn out from the cover being constantly ripped off the wall during our summer of meltdowns. Anyway, now we have the opposite problem that we can't seem to remedy. It is HOT in our house. Today we need to go and get Michael some new hockey/ice skates. He outgrew his old ones over the summer, and now he has expressed that he wants to get on the ice again. Hopefully the rest of the day goes as planned.

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