Sunday, September 04, 2011

And the cycle continues.....

We are on our last few days of amoxicillin. I actually had to get a whole new prescription from his doctor because the pharmacy would only fill up enough for eight days in a row. We are actually on refill #3. He had been doing so good the last couple weeks that I actually thought this whole ordeal might be over. How naive was that?? By the time I got home with the new prescription, he was once again in scream mode. It has been a couple of days since then, and we still periodically have episodes. Not nearly as often as before, but they are still there. He sounds a little 'nasal' when he talks still. Yesterday I went out and bought him some more advil, more allergy medication(comparable to the children's zyrtec he had been taking), and some saline nasal spray. I gotta tell you, I am a bit OVER all this. Knowing our luck, we will get him over the sinus infection right before the next cold & flu season. So ready for the poor kid to catch a break.

We DO have moments of happiness! Such as yesterday when he was watching the zamboni videos on you tube.

I did manage to go out with Nick on Friday. I think he was pretty over staying in the house, or not going anywhere except for doctors offices or to the dentist. I was a little nervous about how it would all go. First we went and filled the Jeep up with gas, then we drove to Nick's school to get our school supply list. By that time we had about an hour and a half until his therapist arrived, so I decided to stick close to home to shop for some school supplies. We got through that, but his anxiety level went up as we headed to check out. I had him in the cart and he was happily playing with his folders; but as we waited in line he started doing his "I am DONE" vocal stim. I thought the cashier would never get done, as it seemed to take an ungodly amount of time to get us through. I was silently rejoicing as we escaped there with no meltdowns. It was a good day!

He then went on to have an awesome day with his therapist. I felt it was about time we had a run of good days.

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