Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Today was our EEG appointment. I am emotionally and mentally exhausted. It was horrible to say the least. Nick was fine the whole time the tech was putting the leads on him. Then, as we asked him to get on the bed and lay down, all hell broke loose. FOR OVER AN HOUR! He was screaming, kicking, hitting, and head butting. After that did not work he began screaming and spitting. Fucking Lovely. As if that was not enough, he began to injure himself by banging his head against the bed, and biting his cheeks. Did I mention it was horrible??

Anyway, after enduring over an hour of screaming, we decided to call it quits. Nothing was getting accomplished. He was ripping leads off his head with all the thrashing he was doing. I am not sure what they got, but she said they did manage to get some stuff. The tech saw with her own eyes the twitching he does-as he did it in the chair just walking into the office. This is still a daily occurance. I ended up sobbing on the techs shoulder because this.is.a.daily.occurance. as well.

I will end this post by saying how much I F'ing HATE autism right about now. I am too exhausted to post any more tonight.


Emma said...

I am so sorry that happened. But it sounds like they were not set of for special needs (a bit weird considering what they do). WHen I took Sam it was terrible but it got done because they wrapped him in a thick wrap (papoose style) with a heavy velcro closure. I had to keep him up most of the night before and take him in at the crack of dawn. THen they wrapped him and attched the electrodes. He screamed and struggled for a loooooong time. they actually kicked me out fo the room because they thought he might be hoping I would get him out of it. Hw eventually fell asleep which was the goal and they check his brain activity during sleep, with a strobe light and then as they woke him. It was really hard to get the electrodes off properly but it got done.

The EEG techs should not have had his hands free during this process - my understanding is that wrapping them is pretty standard for young kids and special needs.

It really really sucks. If Sam had not been wrapped he would have been just like Nick and it would not have worked.

Amy said...

Emma, I wished we would have had that wrap for Nick. It may have helped. He hates lying down in the hospital beds though. We tried it with him sitting up as well, but by that time he was already too far gone.

Emma said...

don't get me wrong, the wrap didn't calm SAm down but it allowed us to get it done. He still screamed every second he was awake until he gave up and fell asleep. sucks no matter what.

Apples and Autobots said...

I'm so sorry. Hugs.