Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Somedays you just need to play a little 'hookie'! The boys have been out of school since last Friday, but Nick has had therapy for the last few days. It is a juggle that I still find myself torn between. He can always use therapy, and he has made a lot of progess with it being 5 days a week now. So, during breaks such as this from school, I am always eager to sign him up for more hours to fill in the void. It helps control his anxiety during the break because we still have a schedule. But, somedays he just needs to be a kid. Today was one of those days. He had been going through 'zamboni withdrawals' for the last few weeks.With his busy therapy schedule, he is not able to come to hockey practice during the week to see the zamboni clean the ice. Today I called his afternoon therapist and told her we would like to take a day off. Nick needed a day just to be a kid. And it was hard to turn him down since our 'conversation' this morning revolved around the zamboni...
We went skating today around 2pm and both kiddos now fly across the ice. We all had a great time. Nick had a huge smile on his face. It was so worth the funk he is in right now for that hour! Yes, we are dealing with the fallout from all the upheaval today. Anytime we change his schedule, no matter how small, he gets a little funky. He is in his room now hanging out and calming himself down. It will be a low key night. We are getting ready to eat dinner, then it is bath time, and then bed time for Nick. After he is in bed, I am going to bake some holiday cookies with Michael. Nick does not get much out of baking yet, so it will be just me and Michael. Gives us something to do together. Tomorrow our big plans are to go see the holiday lights at the park and wait for Santa. Maybe watch some more holiday movies, and of course wait for the fire engines to come through the neighborhood and pass out candy. Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!