Sunday, November 28, 2010


Hope you all had a nice turkey day! We had a very relaxing one. My dad came up to visit for a few days and the boys loved it. Sunday it started snowing and that continued through Monday night. Monday I left to pick up my dad around noon and it was not that bad out. By the time we got back to the house around 2pm, it was snowing again and the wind had started blowing. I went back to work only to discover that everyone had been let go early-due to weather. That evening we had the earliest snow storm that I remember since moving here. The winds were blowing like crazy and the snow was coming down pretty fast. Of course I decided to take Dad and Michael out to get pizza right in the thick of things. Nick was still working with his tutors at that time, so Mike opted to stay home. On the way to pizza hut we saw numerous cars spin out, and were kind of laughing at their expense. One of them was trying to pull an empty trailer up the overpass....not a good idea. Anyway, we made it safely and ate our pizza in the comfort of our dining room. School was closed the rest of the week, so grandpa got to spend ample time hanging out with his little men.
Which also means that he got to experience life with Nick.

On Tuesday we were all set to go to hockey practice with Michael, but it turned out the rink was closed. We did not find out until we had driven to the rink-and Nick was not happy that we had to turn around. He cried because we did not go skating-then he cried as we pulled away from the house to go eat. We instead went to IHOP where we were pretty much the only customers there. Nothing like a plate full of pancakes to win over this brood..LOL!

Wednesday all the boys went shopping for some clothes for grandpa. He had only come with shorts and short sleeved shirts-and it was 32f outside. They also picked up a ham to cook for the big day.

Thursday we lounged around most of the day and watched movies. Holiday movies like Planes,Trains, and Automobiles, and Christmas Vacation. Nothing like a good comedy enjoyed by the entire family. Thursday afternoon we started the ham and three hours later we were enjoying some good food as well as good company.

Friday morning I got up to take Dad to the airport. The snow was all gone by this point and it was raining. It was back to normal. Nick had his chiropractor appt, but other than that, we had nothing planned. It was a pretty laid back week. Tomorrow starts the daily grind again.