Sunday, July 25, 2010


It has been another busy week here in our house. The summer activities are in full swing, and we are doing something at least 6 days a week. There is so much going on really that I do not know where to start. I guess we will start with some medical stuff. Nick's chiropractor has ordered one of the biomedical treatments that has been beneficial to kids with autism; that should be in on Tuesday. It will cost us $110 for a three month supply, but if it helps him then it will be well worth it. If it doesn't, then we can at least say we tried. It was brought up by one of the other chiropractors in his office one time when Mike took him in, so we wanted to ask Dr. A (his chiro.) about it. He said no problem and that he would go ahead and order it.

We are also in the process of finding a new tutor for Nick. Tracy still comes twice a week, and we are trying to find someone to pick up another two days.

Today Nick thought it would be fun to wake up around 6am. Not only was he awake at 6am, but he was roaring to go. Much to my dismay, and to Mikes'. I managed to get him to wait in his room for another hour or so. But after that it was futile. I kept hearing this little voice beside my head going "I want meeeeeelk. I want meeeelk."
One thing about Nick is that he knows what he wants and he won't let up until he gets it. He is also becoming more and more verbal. Which is a double edged sword. It seems that while his word usage is going up, his loud; unintelligible vocal stims increase at fever pitch. Although, I do notice this more when we are out and about rather than at home. I guess I will take what I can get.

So, I must say, that although we are busy beyond belief with all the activities going on; very positive things have happened. Nick is getting out in the community-and the community is getting to know Nick. The staff at the YMCA have fallen in love with him. They always say Hi to him and ask how he is doing today. He smiles big when he is in the pool and he sees his swim teacher. He knows he is about to have some fun and loves the water. There are other special needs kids in that class, and it is wonderful. Both of the boys have benefited from our YMCA membership, and we are there two-three times a week. He also has a playgroup every Saturday afternoon, which from the above picture, gives everyone a workout. He runs for every door he can get to, often followed by one or two staff members or us. It is quite comical.
Since we have been going to the skating rink, people have started to talk TO Nick as well. It is also nice to have people walk by and say "He having a good day today? He is doing so much better now!" We have met Eddie-the zamboni driver, and the figure skaters who spin in front of Nick when they see him, the hockey coaches who have offered to take Nick out on the ice and the other wonderful people. I love the fact that they treat him like other 6yr olds and talk to him. I like to think that even though he may be jumping and flapping, he understands what they are saying to him. I also like to think that one day, he will start talking back to them.