Sunday, July 18, 2010

Weekend Wrap up...

I know, I know, it is a little early for a weekend wrap up, but figured since I had some down time I might as well. Friday started off rather slow. I thought it would be an easy day, with no appointments until 4:30pm. Apparently I was wrong. We got a call around 3pm from another tutor. She had scheduled a meeting/interview with Mike while I was gone, and today was the day. It was scheduled for 3:30pm, and we had to leave for Nick's chiropractor around 4pm. Ok. Not.So.Bad. She did not make it here until nearly 4pm. I met her in the driveway on the way to the chiro. Nick was not happy about this derailment of plans, and cried and covered his face to show his displeasure. We talked to her for a little bit, and she gave us a resume to look at. I then jetted off to the chiropractor, missing our 4:30 time by about 10 minutes. I hate being late. We were still allowed to see the chiro. and Nick got some adjustments. When we got home, Mike and I held a "family meeting" on the back porch to discuss the tutor situation. Mike thought she might be over qualified and more set in her ways since she is a little older and more educated than his others. If there is one thing we have learned, it is that with Nick it is better to be more flexible in ones' thinking. His current tutors have generally followed our lead with what works for Nick-and he was concerned that an older, more educated(not saying that education is wrong) adult might be a little more 'set' than the younger types. We came to the decision to try it out, and see how she works with Nick. It took him about a month to come around to the other tutors, and I did not want to base an assumption on a simple 5-10 minute meeting. We really had no time to actually talk to her in depth about Nick. Now the problem was trying to schedule everything.

Saturday started off at 9am with swimming lessons for both kiddos. Actually, Nicks' was more or less just playing in the water with other special needs kiddos-but I do think there might be some actual learning going on. If not, who the hell cares, it gives us a chance to be social and not have anyone judge or laugh at my little man. All the kids in that class are just adorable anyway. Then, at 10am it was time for Michael's swim lesson. That went on until 11am-at which point we came back home, ate some lunch and then it was time to head to playgroup. This was comedy hour. Two YMCA staff members not well versed in autism in a big gym with two autistic kids. Sit back and marvel at the mayhem. Nick alone gives in-experienced adults a run for their money...imagine times two! There are also 4 sets of doors in said gymnasium-and for those that know Nick; that is enough said. The whole hour was spent with Nick flying by us laughing, and an exhausted staff member chasing behind him. By the time 6 weeks is up, they should be Olympic class sprinters. It is very entertaining to think people in their 20's are having a very hard time catching a six year old. People tell us "don't worry, we can catch him" and to them we say "Okay, GO!" Then is when they say "Man he is FAST!" Yup. We know.

Saturday and Sunday evenings are hockey practice. Not much went on then other than hockey. Which, we have to start getting ready for now, so I have to cut this short. More pictures to follow later.