Friday, July 09, 2010

Almost Home

I have just a few more days left here in Colorado. School has been challenging at times, but have gotten through it. I talk to the boys almost daily....I cringe to see our phone bill when I get home LOL. Nick and Michael have been having a good time with daddy, and they sound like they have been keeping themselves busy with activities; which of course, I will be diving right into when I get home. Guess I am going to try to enjoy my last quiet weekend ;)

Nick has gotten used to the zamboni now and no longer screams when it comes out to clean the ice-he just likes to make sure that it does not leave the rink and come after him :) Constant exposure sometimes helps with those things, but has not worked for the vacuum or microwave...go figure. Nick even will talk to me on the phone. Although his conversations revolve around making sure we are not going to vacuum or use the microwave :) LOL. Just gotta love him.

Michael is helping daddy out with the house cleaning and yard work. Both of them are now enrolled in swim lessons. Michael has also started a hip-hop class and he told me yesterday his teacher told him he was his favorite student. He still loves his skating, and is getting to be pretty good at it. Next weekend will be my first weekend dealing with all the summer stuff...they have swim lessons starting at 9am! Oh well, I will be with all my boys again and be loving it.