Sunday, June 27, 2010

Feel so 'out of it'

That is one thing that I hate about being away from my boys. I feel so out of touch with them. I am now officially the parent of a junior high schooler, and a special needs first grader. Michael did get accepted into a prep school for his sixth year, so that is good. And since I have been away, their summer schedule has slowly filled up. Michael and Nick are both taking swim lessons at the YMCA. Although Nick will be in a special ed class. Michael is also taking dance and tae-kwon-do. Add that to the weekends when he is at the skating rink. By the way, he has learned to skate backwards and scored his very first goal in ice-hockey practice. He was so proud of himself-so I hear. Nick is quite the ladies man it turns out. He gets all kinds of girls to spin and twirl in front of him(laughing uncontrollably at them as they do so), and gets them to give him their little smushy/sticky wall climbers. He can do all this without saying a word....just merely laughing at them and having a good time (although, daddy does help to point them in the right direction of said blonde boy laughing).

I just feel so out of the whole autism world. In some ways it is a nice break, but in others it just feels blah. It is like almost like a big void in my life right now. Autism is such a huge chunk of my life, that I almost feel 'naked' without it. Imagine my surprise when a classmate of mine here asked for some pointers on dealing with an autistic boy that her hubby was providing daycare for! Yes! I am in my world again! I started rattling off all kinds of things about Nick and some of the ways we have helped him, and some of the ways that others have helped. I let her know about tactile stimulation(as in how stickers help Nick calm down by just feeling the stickiness over and over), how sensitive his senses are, and how he needs to be warned when something different is about to happen or something loud. I don't know how much it helped her hubby, but I know she seemed to think it made sense.

Anyway, going to go for now. Probably will not post again until I am back home on the 15th.