Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Look....

Today I called his name and he LOOKED at me, and waited for me to tell him to do something. Today, he was snorting like a pig--on purpose. Today, he went to daddy and said "goodnight" when I did not even tell him to do so. He was there. He told me he wanted applesauce-while he looked right at me.

Had another chiropractic appointment with Nick today. He is getting better. Said hi to the receptionist(with just verbal direction from me), said hi to Tutor on his own. Nick got a few more adjustments, in which he stayed completely still again following docs orders. In fact, Nick got onto the table on his very own. I asked the doctor what it is exactly he is doing. He told me he is removing/adjusting what Nick's body tells him to. Today he told me he removed some emotional thing that he said happened to Nick when he was three years old. He said he could even tell me the date if I wanted. I said No, but I was wondering what it was exactly. He said there is more to chiropractic care than just adjusting the spine. He is treating the entire central nervous system, and if need be, we can even go further in our treatments and start detoxing with the aide of his nutritionist on staff. He is pleased so far with the positive results he is getting. Maybe he is getting these from Nick during adjustments? I do know that we are seeing some results after his adjustments. Last Friday, his tutor graphed his Requesting at 80% during their session--the highest it has ever been. But, apparently school is still seeing the 'old' Nick-running off, slamming doors, etc. Which leads me to wonder-why the drastic difference in settings? Could it be that Nick knows the teachers are outnumbered and therefor he just goes for it?? Could it be that he suppresses his desires for such things while at home and lets loose at school?? Not exactly sure how to fix this problem. Maybe he is frustrated because he thinks they treat him like a baby?? How many years can one really stand going over the ABC's? When he was bored during therapy he would just stare out the window and his therapists were having trouble reaching him. We told them to challenge him with different things, and low and behold, they were shocked with what he knew! Maybe the same is now happening at school? Is he tired of the same old curriculum he has been getting since he was three?? One has to wonder.