Tuesday, November 16, 2010

School Closed!

I was so looking forward to a day off with no children! Hubby and I were making plans to go and see a movie...ANY movie. Just one without kids. Well, that plan was shot to hell at 5am this morning when the school called and said "Due to numerous power outages around the area, there will be NO SCHOOL TODAY." Ok, Ok, so it was a little windy out last night and our power did go out for a bit. But seriously?? I find it humorous that *I* am expected to make it to work after last night, but teachers can't?? I have not seen anywhere any reports on my two lovely boys' schools being damaged, and our power was back on before 5am. I am willing to bet their schools fared just fine and they could have gone. Instead, I got to deal with two boys getting on each others' nerves ALL DAY LONG, and taking Little Mister to the grocery store with me...which was jam packed I might add. Ugh! That was another thing I had not planned on doing...see where this day went?? Is this a sign of the next three months to come?? I am going to need a bigger tub of ice cream.

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