Friday, July 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home....

I am posting this from HOME!! I got home around 1:30pm yesterday afternoon and have been going non-stop. I have a little time now to get on here and post before I have to pick up hubby and Michael at the movies. They went to see "The Last Airbender", and I am just hanging out at home with Nick. I dived right back into Nick World yesterday. By the time we got home one of Nick's tutors was here and we all went on a scheduled play date with another little boy with autism (and his tutor). His mother came also, and while the kids 'played' with their tutors, us grown ups got a chance to talk some. After all that, it was almost time to take Michael to his dance lessons at the YMCA. Dance was finished at 7:15pm. Then it was time to pick up some dinner, give each boy their meds, give them baths, and settle down to bed. This morning I was up at 8am. Nick told me he wanted some milk,and a few minutes later he said he wanted waffles. Michael was already up playing a new computer game, and said he was not hungry. Today we went and renewed the Jeep registration, then I dropped hubby and Michael off at the movies. Tonight I am being told is skating night, so we will be at the ice rink. Will try to see if I can post some pictures later. That's all for now.

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