Saturday, April 17, 2010


I was asked to keep track of any changes in Nick since we started with the chiropractor; so here goes.

The first visit went well. Nick really enjoyed it and seemed very at ease with everything-despite being a little anxious at first. After we got home, Nick was very verbal and laughing and playing outside. Mike asked me what I did to him to make him like that. I said 'Nothing'. Suddenly, Nick passed some gas and headed back to his room stating 'I need a diaper'.

Yesterday, while working with his tutor, Nick's verbal requests were at an all time high. 80%. He has never been that high since starting the program last summer. His tutor showed me the graphs they have been charting of all of his undesirable behaviors. They have dropped. This was also since starting the Risperdal. His slamming doors/hitting/banging have gone down considerably. I have not seem him bang his head in two weeks. Meltdowns have decreased, and the ones he does have he is easily consoled and can get a hold of himself much quicker. Last night in the bath, not only did he play in the tub-be he did not want to get out. He did not scream-but he kept going back every chance he got to get in the water. This is a rather new development-and a welcome one.

Today was his second visit. He said "hi" to the receptionist with some prompts, but left out the "SAY" as in "SAY hi". He simply said "hi". We practiced exchanging some social chit chat, and his responses were the same. He left out the "SAY" in all of them. For someone whose speech is largely echolalic, this is a step in the right direction. He smiled at the doctor, and did not distribute much anxiety this time around. He sat still when the doctor told him to, and even gave the man a high five. Tonight as I was reading him a book; he did hit me. Whether he meant to or not, I stopped and said "What do you say?" and he said "sorry". Usually he would repeat "What do you say?" or "say sorry". But not this time! He answered right away with the correct response!

Have we finally found the right combination?? Nick is getting his personality back. There is no way to describe how this feels. Like we are on top of the world right now.


Stephanie said...

We've been thinking about getting Shay into the chiropractor. I was worried he wouldn't like how it felt sensory wise. How does Nick like it??

Amy said...

Stephanie, Nick LOVES it. The first time I mentioned that we were 'going to the doctor' Nick was visibly anxious and promptly told me 'goodnight Nick'. However, at the appointment he was great after he realized that it would not hurt. He used this vibrating hammer type tool and it actually felt quite good (he used it on me first so I could see how it felt)
Nick seemed to be just total putty in his hands-you could see him just relax. This second time all I did was hold Nicks hand and he stayed right on that table. I was shocked that Nick stayed so still during this. He had a big grin on his face.
Does Shay like deep pressure? Nick loves it! We have not gotten to the hand adjustments yet, just the little vibrator thingie, but it's worth a try if you think he might like it. Nick was just so tense and stiff all the time, so we thought this might help him relax. The meds have helped in this area as well, and I am curious to see how that coupled with the chiro. will play out. So far, this has been the best two weeks that Nick or us have had in a very long time.

M said...

Oh Amy this makes me want to jump up and scream! I'm so delighted to see this! (Also...wanna share your chiro info with me? Would LOVE to check if they are covered on our insurance as we have a decent chiro coverage despite having group hell, i mean health.)

Leaving off the 'say' is freaking huge just HUGE! Here's hoping this is THE combo you need and Nick can keep soaring in generalized kick assedness. <3

Amy said...

M, The clinic is Innate Wellness up in U.P., and the doc he sees is Dr. Atkins. Nick is his first autistic patient and he is doing a 'trial' run on Nick to see if it helps. Not sure if he would take more 'auties' right now, but you might want to try. Nick has continued to leave off the "Say" in more and more phrases. Last night I asked him "What do you say?" and he goes "Goodnight, I love you." So, my Cod, he is answering questions.

We also just bought a swingset for our backyard-and Nick loves the swinging motion. He just opens up. His tutor is flying through his programs because Nick has been so responsive after that sensory input.