Wednesday, April 14, 2010

No School Today.......

At least, not for Nick. They have a half day today which means that his schedule did a flip-flop. Literally. ON half days, someone had the bright idea to have the kindergartners flip their schedules around. For example: Nick is in the PM kindergarten class-which means his school starts at noon. On some half days he is actually off. However, on half days like today-he was supposed to be at school at 8am. Well, the school does not tell the transportation people this(Brillaint huh??) and it is confusing for all to say the least. Not to mention, it completely disrupts the whole morning routine we have established since the beginning of the school year. I swear, sometimes it seems the 'typical' people need to start using their brains.

Nick has another chiropractor appointment today though-so being out of school is actually convenient. We will find out what they saw on X-rays and develop a treatment plan. Not sure if they will do his first adjustment today or have us come back, but I am excited to be doing something. It might help, it might not. But we will try anyway. His appointment is at 4pm, and depending on what is going on tonight I might do another post to update what happened. I told Nick last night that there would be "no bus" today and that he would be going to the doctor. He started to get a little anxious and started whimpering. He then promptly told me "Goodnight Nick". :)

Update: Nick had his very first 'adjustment' today. Nothing big. Just more of a vibrating hammer type thing that was used on different parts of his head,neck,and spine. He seemed to really enjoy it. Nothing out of the normal as far as behavior wise so far. Although, I will be keeping track of his progress. We have another appointment on Friday, and the doc wants to see him at least twice a week. So, that will be another thing on top of everything else we are doing. I swear, will it never end? Of course I already know the answer to that question.

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