Friday, March 05, 2010

We are FUNKdified....

Ugh, Nick is in one of his funks. Don't know how else to describe it really. It has been going on all week. It is one of those "I am so rambunctious and in need of stimulation that I cannot sit still". No, not even for a second. He is all over the place physically as well as emotionally. One minute he is fine, the next we are on the verge of total implosion. Not even therapy was a repreive-as he pretty much could not pay attention to any of it this week. Wednesday the slightest thing would totally set him off and we were simply trying to make it to bedtime. One of those weeks where I am just trying to hold it together hour by hour. And tomorrow I got to take Funkboy to the airport to pick up family. Not enough Tylenol in the world for me right now. I have to mentally prepare myself for the stress that he will undoubtedly cause. I am taking him in his stroller-because I simply cannot handle him right now any other way than confined. Yes, it may look strange to have a six year old in a stroller-but I don't give a shit really.

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M said...

FYI: Been that kind of a week for us as well. So I'm going to blame it on the weather. Or something. I don't know but I so get what you're going through.

And seriously? It's an AIRPORT. A stroller for a 6 year old? WTF ever. Bigtime. Create a big banner that says "Yes my kid is in a stroller. He has autism. If I let him out the world will most likely end. So stop staring and bug off." That's my advice.