Friday, May 08, 2009

Stupid School System!!

So we have found home tutors for Nick that our insurance pays for. They were even willing to go to Nick's school to be an aide for him. Wonderful idea, right?? Yes, in a perfect world it would have been just that. We were so close. Nick's teachers were all on board with it, since they recognize that it would help him a great deal. Well, apparently the school board did not agree and has said NO to Nick having an aide. I am BEYOND frustrated right now. I went directly to PISSED OFF. Do not pass go, Do not collect $200. We got his progress report-and once again, no progress was made. According to the piece of paper, Nick can't even identify his letters. Which is BullCrap!! Needless to say, this might have been the last straw. We need to move. We are getting nowhere, and Nick is getting nowhere.