Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Only four words in this post need to be said: Nick is feeding himself!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Birthday Party Re-cap

Yesterday was Nick's 5th birthday party and I think it was the best yet. He did not eat cake, but that is no big deal. Heck, Michael does not even eat a whole piece of cake that much.

Of course I was running around like a mad person the whole day prior to the party. Could someone please tell me WHY the toilet has to break 10 minutes before our guests arrive?? It all started when I went in the boys' bathroom to clean it, since our guests would be using it. I looked on the counter and noticed a toothbrush was missing. Oh no. I then looked back in the toilet and noticed that someone had left a little "floatie" in there. I yell at Michael "Why can't you remember to flush the toilet?" Michael then replies "I DID! The toilet won't flush!" What do I do? Why I try to flush the toilet. He's right, it won't flush. I spend a few minutes trying to plunge the toilet-for what I don't know. No one can say the last whereabouts of the missing toothbrush, and Nick is laughing like a maniac. I can only assume that the missing toothbrush and the clogged toilet are no coincidence. A few deleted words later, we shut the water off to the boys' toilet, and scramble to clean our toilet in the bedroom. It gets cleaned and Michael and I are off to pick up our guests at the front gate.

Our friend Susan arrives with her two boys. Michael and her oldest son take off playing Guitar Hero in the living room. For a while, all four boys are in the living room. Nick and her youngest son are watching the older two. That leaves Susan and I with time to catch up on life. We talked for a little while and let the kids run around doing whatever,and then it was time for presents. I got Nick to sit on the couch. He was excited at the mere mention of "toys" and followed me around to wherever they might be. Plopped him down on the couch and plopped a present in his lap. I showed him how to do this thing we call "unwrapping" and he caught on in no time. This year he realized that there were colorful and interesting items hidden in boxes covered by the paper-so he was tearing all the paper off. And if you know Nick-he tore every. piece. of. paper off. Every single toy was a smash hit. After getting overstimulated with toys, the sugar high was next. All the kiddos were ushered into our very small dining room and treated to Cake #2(which turned out great. I will post a pic later). Nick even liked the singing part. He seemed to realize that this was all for him. And he liked it! He immediately made a go for the cake. Fingers were digging into frosting, and whole hands were smearing. I tried to get him to taste it, but he did not want to. After three hours it was all over, and we all just lounged around the rest of the evening. It was a wonderful afternoon and Nick LOVES all his toys. Especially his Little Einstein Conductor Wand. He has carried that around all day.

And the toilet still won't flush. But who cares? We will just call to have it fixed this week.