Friday, January 16, 2009

The dreaded Cold.....

UGH! I hate it when Nick gets a cold. Not just because my baby is sick, but because he gets snot ALL over him....literally. He wakes up with it all crusted to his face,hands,shirt,hair,etc. It is quite literally "here,there,and everywhere!" Then comes the sneezing. Rocket propelled goop goes all over-it is really quite an experience. Not so much a pleasant one either. Here's to snotless days very soon.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Headbanger's Ball.....

We have a new hole in our wall courtesy of Nick. Saturday morning we saw a part of Nick that we thought had passed. Headbanging. Nothing seemed to go right for him on Saturday morning, and he spent much of the morning being crabby and pissed about things. I can only take so much crabbiness before I bust, and after about two hours of crying/whining/general unhappiness; I sent him to his room. He spent a little time in there "cooling off", while I relished a few minutes without any screaming of any sort. After our manic morning, we had quite a lovely afternoon. I took my little bud to Wal-Mart, and the outing seemed to be just what he wanted. That boy loves to go bye-bye. You say the words and he is standing at the door like a racehorse waiting at the gate. When you open it you had best better be ready to run after him!

As we walked from the parking lot, I looked down to see Nick in true bliss. It was raining out,but that did not matter to him. He was looking up into the heavens, smile from ear to ear, letting the rain fall on his face. I must admit, part of me was jealous-he was enjoying that with every fiber of his being-something most of us are not privvy to because it would be deemed we were "strange".

Sunday was a better day for us. Although Nick did bang his head once. We can kind of track how much he has grown by the height of all the dents in our walls. The previous dents are about 4-5 inches lower than the current ones. =)

Monday we finally got the package we had been waiting for. I got two bottles of the KidsChelate from and gave him a dose in his juice cup. I crossed my fingers that he would drink the juice, and he did! I was so happy! We have tried some supplements this way only to have him throw the cup to the floor after one sip. The only thing I have noticed so far is an increase in farting. Not sure what that is about yet. LOL!