Wednesday, January 07, 2009


I am sorry to say that this is not something I have had a whole lot of the past couple days. It does not help me any that it has been raining constantly for what seems like forever. Nick has been trying some new foods; which is a good thing. BUT, he is not really into swallowing them. So, what does he do you might ask?? He hoardes it in his mouth. It makes what should be a 15 minute meal into a 45 minute long ordeal. [[sigh]] Then, once he is out of his chair, I still have to watch him because I have caught him dumping the contents of his mouth onto the livingroom floor. [[Grrrrr!]]

His OT was supposed to start today; but was cancelled due to the therapist having to teach a class or go to a class or something like that. I was too annoyed to really pay attention.

Right now I am trying to hold my sanity together and make it to their bedtime. Which, from the looks of it, will be promptly at 8pm!

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Nick's Favorite Toy

Who knew a play microwave would be such a BIG HIT?? This is the Cadillac of play microwaves though. Not only does it have working buttons, but a timer, a table that turns inside, and lights that come on just like the real thing! It even beeps when the "food" is done! Needless to say, lots of items around the house get "nuked" in this contraption-the phone,pens,my hat, socks, and whatever else Nick can jam in there. We have already had to replace batteries four times since Christmas. But, who could not love this face??

By the way, the REAL microwave is JUST as fascinating to him!

Diaper Dilemma...

I came across a bit of a dilemma today at the grocery store. Earlier last week I had gone to Safeway(not our usual store)and bought a big pack of Huggies Overnights. These are wonderful diapers for Nick as they hold up overnight, and it was truly nice to have a week where I did not have to change sheets. Anyway, I went to our usual store today to stock up on some items since school is starting again tomorrow( I left the house this afternoon it started snowing and has not stopped). One of the items we needed was diapers. I looked for the big pack of Huggies...none to be found. They had the Overnights, but only 27 in a pack. UGH. If we use those all the time we would be buying more in just 2-3 days(some get sent to school). But, if I buy our usual big pack of Luvs and use those at night, we are back to changing sheets at least twice a week. I do not like doing more laundry than I have to. I finally decided to get both. Yes, it was expensive, but it is either a few extra dollars, or an extra load of laundry?? Hmmmm. Hopefully this year we can get Nick potty trained! Maybe I will start doing my shopping in both stores??