Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm Home!!

Ok, so I finally got home last Tuesday afternoon from New Zealand. I had Wednesday off so that I could adjust back to the time difference(afterall, we were 20 hours ahead in New Zealand)and be with the boys. It has been a crazy week at work. I was working 12 hours through the weekend, and coming home just drained. Today is the first day that I have had off, so I thought I would update on Nick.

He is continuing to make huge progress with his ABA home programs. He has mastered gross motor imitation. Which was and still is, thrilling to see. It is exciting to witness him copy everything we do. Mike will pat his head, Nick pats his head, I wave, Nick waves, etc. It is spontaneous imitation-with no prompts, and appearing very natural. He can now answer some questions. For example, if I point to a shoe and say "What's that?" he can answer "Shoe". The same with car,nose,mouth,eyes,ears,hair,etc. He is grasping the whole Touch Math program seemingly easily.It seems like he can come out of his world easier now and join in ours when the time comes. We have much less "hand over hand" instruction, and he is often better at following directions than Michael LOL! The potty is a work in progress still, but we will get there. He likes to help with the laundry. So much so; that last week he took a closet full of clothes and dunked them in the toilet and sink. He has a thing for water and loves to play with the faucets. Bathtime however is still somewhat tricky. I can't tell if it is the louder noise of the running water, or the process itself that scares him. Maybe some others who read this can help shed some light? He used to love bathtime!

Another thing now is that his school is requiring him to get updated on his shots. I honestly cannot remember the last time he got a shot. I think his last one was right around two years old. I know it seems silly, but I am conflicted. I think I will get him his shots, but not all at once. That would be quite an assault on him. He needs DTP, Hep B, HiB, MMR,Polio, and Varicella. We will see what the day brings. Right now Nick is dressed and waiting for the school bus. He has helped me with the laundry this morning, and had two waffles for breakfast. He is my little "Bubby".

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M said...

A: School cannot require him to get shots. Awads
B: Good deal spreaving out shots. They tried to give Liam 6 the other day including 3 we don't give (both flus and chicken pox) which totalled something like 14 strains of stuff at once. Oh no no no! One at a time thanks!
C: the bath thing. We go through phases with Liam and the bath. For months it will be his favorite then his least favorite. to win this round I started using colored shaving cream to write words on the wall and ask him to touch them to read them. Of course if this is a sensory issue no good. We've also used a timer. Asked for him to help (he's really motivated by directionf ollowing even if he hates the activity). I also try to do it at a good time for him. Not always the right before bed routine most of the world likes. I also tried showers instead. Filling the tub w/o him in there, filling with him in there, putting letters on the wall, toys on the far end, offering him a treat afterwards. it varies what will work. I'm glad we're in a 'likes bath' mode. I dread the next hates it (which I'm sure there will be. There always is. *sigh* )