Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Cost of Having Autism...

This is a breakdown of our insurance bill for Nick from August 3rd-August 13th. That is ten days of therapy:

8/3: Consult with BCBA(Head tutor) $250.00
8/3: Tutor for 3 hours $150.00
8/3: Tutor for 2.5 hours $125.00
8/4: Tutor for 3 hours $150.00
8/4: Tutor for 2 hours $100.00
8/5: Tutor for 2.5 hours $125.00
8/5: Tutor for 2.5 hours $125.00
8/6: Tutor for 3 hours $150.00
8/6: Tutor for 2 hours $100.00
8/7: Tutor for 2.5 hours $125.00 (So far, we are up to $1,400.00)
8/10: Rehabilitative Services(another word for Tutor) $262.50
8/11: Rehabilitative Services $225.00
8/12: Rehabilitative Services $100.00
8/13: Rehabilitative Services $250.00 (that is another $837.50 for those four days)
That is a grand total of.........
$2,237.50 FOR TEN DAYS OF THERAPY Most insurances DO NOT cover AUTISM, so this is what would have to be paid by the FAMILIES. THIS is what it takes to raise a child with Autism.


Tyler Xaviar said...

That is downright insane. I don't know how you guys are doing it but you are and that is awesome.

It is NOT RIGHT that Autism is not covered by insurance. I feel incredibly grateful that my son is not in need of such help at this point, and that he can get a lot in his school. I don't know what I would do should my child need anything more as we could not afford it.

It's almost like not having the money to put food on the table. These are needs, not wants. I would almost consider the therapies for children on the spectrum a basic need.


Amy said...

I agree, it is INSANE! Fortunately, we are military and even though we don't have the best insurance, they have been wonderful recently with covering nearly ALL of the cost for his home programs. Those are just the itemized bills we get to let us know how much insurance is paying. So far, we have had to pay maybe $90. I do not know how people do it. But I mean, you are caught between a rock and a hard place...kwim?? It would be extremely tough to have to choose between mortgage & food, or tutoring for my sons future??