Thursday, July 09, 2009

Busy Schedule

Here is what Nick's therapy schedule looks like for this month:
Today: Ms Tracy 4pm-7pm
Fridays: Ms Tracy 12pm-2:30pm, Ms Diane 4pm-7pm
Mondays: Ms Stephanie 12pm-3pm, Ms Diane 4pm-7pm
Tuesdays: Ms Stephanie 12pm-3pm, Ms Tracy 4pm-7pm
Wednesdays: Ms Tracy 12pm-2:30pm, Ms Stephanie 3:30pm-6pm
Thursdays: Ms Stephanie 12pm-3pm, Ms Tracy 4pm-7pm

Give or take a few hours; that is around 30 hours per week! Since I have been home; I have been able to see how he has progressed. He is following directions!! His receptive language has skyrocketed. He responds to his name, imitates me, and actually smiled at me when I walked into his room this morning! He can do a lot for himself now-he gets in and out of the car by himself, goes to myself and daddy to say goodbye (before I left we had to physically walk with him to do this; not any more) He is just getting more functional every day. These are the moments that we have struggled to get. He is following directions so easily now, that you can almost forget that this was such a struggle. He may be a few years behind his peers, but hopefully we can narrow the gap as time goes on.


A Family said...

We must have the same life! Do you do in home ABA? Glad to see your son making such great progress!!! I am sure you are proud.

M said...

Hey Amy, I'd email you but I didn't see an email link. I'm going to sound all stalkerish but I SWEAR I saw your son (or his identical look alike!) today at the Tacoma Autism Walk. Made me remember your blog (I've been away for blogging. I used to blog at was very strange. We were stuck on the bridge looking at the ducks with neither kiddo willing to leave as we attempted to walk BACK when a kiddo walked by I had to do a double take. Him or not I thought I'd stop by and ask if you mind me linking you from my new blog. It looks like all is going so very well for him and that? Is fabulous! <3 ~Michelle