Thursday, July 30, 2009

Better Days!!

Mommy got a NEW lap top for one!! YAY! It is a HP TouchSmart PC with a built in web cam. It has all the bells and whistles. Out with "Old Bessy", and in with new junior. It will be much easier to lug this one around the globe-and it has all of it's keys!! Another huge bonus. Some of you might remember THIS POST. In which case, no further words need to be spoken or written..LOL.
This week Nick got over his fear/anxiety over getting in the pool! He had a great time and for once he only had a tantrum when we had to LEAVE. We only recieved one ignorant comment. When one lady found out he was autistic, she commented that he looked like everyone else did. Not sure what she expected him to look like; but maybe we changed her views just slightly. Maybe she will now think twice about commenting to the parents whose child is having a meltdown in a store, or tends to just barge in after someone opens the door after we knock. Yes, he looks just like any other kid on the outside-that is why you can never judge based on appearence. Anyway, Michael made some friends here and so did I. We will be sad to leave them tomorrow, but it will be nice to get home again. I will upload some new pics when we get home and get settled in again. Lord knows that is going to be disrupting enough.

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M said...

YEAH for getting over pool anxiety! I've got a couple of fish now that they realize the pool is the super fabulousness!

As for Captain Ignorance? Yeah. I ran into my own the other day and if I hadn't been alone and in the middle of a street she would've had a great verbal beat down. THEY look the same as everyone else? NO WAY! *barf*