Friday, May 29, 2009


I called home a few days ago because I got an e-mail that said "Call me, before I forget what Nick did!" So I called home to find out what was going on. "Nick is going pee on the potty by himself during the day!" Mike said as he was rudely woken up by the phone. "He brought me a diaper and said 'diaper on'". We still have to teach him how to go poo on the potty, and eventually get him to wear underwear; but like everything else with Nick, it takes stages. I have happened on a neat site recently. You can click HERE to take a look at it. She is an autism mom who makes learning items for autistic kids and adults. Some of her stuff looks really neat!! Her button is on the side of my blog.


M said...

That? Rocks it. Also? I added you to my new blog so I can keep up with you since I'm back to reading blogs. If you'd rather not be there let me know and I'll take you off and stalk you quietly. :)

Potty training possibilities are just amazing and fantastic and really. freaking. exciting. And I can't wait to look at the site you linked!

(btw I was previously at 2underwhoknew dot blogspot dot com)

Amy said...

Hey M! I would be honored if you added me!! I spoke with hubby yesterday and Nick is still going potty!! He even almost went poo on the potty :) I think he is finally getting tired of diapers!