Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Results are in.....

And they are just as we expected. Overall Nick scored in the toddler range and is significantly delayed in all areas. If he stays significantly delayed for the next year or two, they will need to rule out mental retardation. Mike and I both feel that Nick is not retarded. But, since he is nonverbal for the most part, they cannot accurately test his IQ. We discussed a lot of topics, but the main one was his school. Now, suddenly Nick is becoming volatile and having tantrums. He is having problems with transitions at school-something he very rarely has issues with at home. Mike was called the other day in fact. Nick was screaming and crying in the background, and his teacher was saying she did not think the bus driver would take him home. Nick LOVES to ride the bus. It is the best part of his day, and to take that away from him just broke our heart. One now has to wonder WHY is he throwing all these tantrums suddenly? And why the hell do they not write this stuff down in his notebook??!! We have received NO communication from this school other than these two times. No thoughts as to what has possibly brought on all these tantrums! All I can say is that since starting at this school; both kids have gone downhill fast. Is it just a coincidence? The Dr has readily agreed to provide Nicks' teachers with info on autism, and will offer them the chance to come to the University and learn from the therapists there. Mike took like 10 business cards to hand out to the teachers and principle of the school. Will they take up the offer? Time will only tell. The school is just not ready for kids like Nick and it is heartbreaking to see him come off the bus with a face red and teary from crying at school. Something is going very wrong; and we will find out next Wed. His future at this school may be short.

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