Sunday, February 01, 2009

Mischievous Nicholas

Oh yes ladies and gents; Nicholas has been very full of himself lately. I have been on crayon patrol most of the day. We keep his crayons very high on the top shelf in the playroom; but that does not deter our little mister. What does he do? Why he pulls up a chair of course and stands on it. His grubby little hands latch on to the oversize crayons, and Nick marks his way down the hallway. Yesterday he managed to open the window in the livingroom and peek his head out. Today he managed to hang one of his bed sheets out the window; last week he had thrown a bucket full of toys into the bush below his bedroom window. Can't say I was all that surprised, given his love of watching things drop. I actually chuckled quite a bit at the image of a blonde haired little boy throwing toys out the window and laughing hysterically as they fell to the bush below. Must have been quite the sight.

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Cale said...

I used to drive my parents crazy throwing things off the window ledge. Never had my bedroom moved to the 1st floor though it was threatened many times. It wasn't until something cool was ruined by the rain that I stopped my tossing habit (at least tossing my own stuff. Carl's stuff is fair game to this day. ;))