Sunday, February 22, 2009

Being "Nooooonie"

That was Nick's choice of word to shout out at the soccer field today. We asked each other "What does 'Noonie' mean?" We were perplexed. He would do his happy dance and shout "Noooonie! Nooonie!" We want to understand our little man, and sometimes that means getting down and 'stimmy' with him. Last night before bed we spent about an hour mimicking Nick. I don't know who had more, or him. Nick laughed hysterically when I would jump and flap and say what he had said. He would then spurt out another 'word' and jump-then I would follow suit. I can imagine how silly we all looked; but we had a great time. Daddy got in on it too, and then the fun really started. Nick and Mike ran around the living room slapping different objects. Each time Mike would say the name of it loud and clear like "TABLE!" and Nick would jump up and down, then run to something else. We have found that Nick DOES like to be social-just that his way is different. When Michael has a friend over, Nick is usually hanging around them in some fashion. He will play in the bedroom beside them-doing his own thing, but still being 'with' them. Today at the end of the soccer game, he was part of the "bridge" that all the parents do. He ran under them (although he stopped midway to just savor the moment with a boisterous belly laugh-and held up the line of kids running through) and enjoyed every bit of it. He does watch what they do, and in his own time, even imitates them. You just have to understand that his ways are just different. He enjoys the same things that most kids do. All he just wants is to be accepted for who and what he is.

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Eudea-Mamia said...

"All he just wants is to be accepted for who and what he is."

From your fingertips to God's eyes.