Thursday, January 01, 2009


2009 already??!! Where on earth does the time go? I just have a couple of "resolutions"

1. Get more melatonin We ran out last night. I was scraping the bottom of the bottle to get the few drops that remained. Nick continues to wake up in the middle of the night laughing uncontrollably. At least for now, he stays in his room.

2. Get more rice milk Hopefully we can find an open grocery store to get more of this milk.

3. Stop getting toys that speak Spanish Nick got one of those for Christmas. It speaks both English and Spanish. Right now I am listening to "Old Macdonald" in Spanish. Nick barely speaks English-all we need is for him to learn Spanish and start talking to us. I have a feeling he will though. It sounds a lot like his own made up silly-talk that he uses on a daily basis(he says what sounds like "ehnurlygurd")

4. Try to understand Nick more I am talking about inside and out. I want to find out what is going on with his digestive tract, have him tested for heavy metals, and some allergy testing. Even though these things likely did not "cause" him to be autistic, they certainly are not helping him any. Especially his digestive problems. If we can just find out the cause of that problem, it will be a great year. Poor kid is plagued by mushy,loose, or runny stools 90% of the time-something is going on.

As for what "causes" autism-we may never narrow it down to one thing. I think that Nick was autistic from birth. He may have started out seemingly "normal", but on the inside things were already going awry. It is possible that he was never able to tolerate certain things in our environment; and on the surface it initially started as a bad case of eczema. I have since read that eczema originates in the gut. So, that was one thing. Nick also seemed to me like a very "floppy" baby. I could not put my finger on it exactly, but he was not sturdy like Michael was, despite him being bigger. Maybe his body was never able to excrete things like heavy metals-then he gets vaccines; which his already sensitive system just could not handle very well. I think ALL of these combined play a part. Why not? We are a society that has become filled with people who have allergies, irritable bowel syndrome, anxiety, depression, etc. Someone has to wonder if things in our environment are getting to such a toxic point that our bodies cannot handle it? These are just some of the areas my mind wanders to occasionally. I believe all these things could be a factor in this whole autism mystery. But, what do I know? I am just a mother to an autistic child who has been LIVING this disorder for almost five years.

TV. I am sorry, but if TV caused autism, then Nick would be perfectly fine. In fact, Michael would be the one with Classic Autism if that were the case. TV does not cause autism. End. Of. Story. More on autism myths later.

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