Friday, January 23, 2009

Hakuna Matata!!

We have had quite an eventful week. Our friend "K" is in town visiting and taking care of some last minute things before moving to Texas. I took Michael with me to pick her up from the airport on Tuesday evening. The boys took to her immediately. We brought her back to the house and got her settled in Nick's little work room for the time being. Nick and Michael have loved having an extra person around to play with. She is so good with the boys. We hated to have her leave us, but people tend to move on with their lives as they need to. The boys have accompanied Mike her hither and yon as she runs errands. Yesterday they had to take her car to the dealership for some minor repairs, and as they were talking to the service guy, Nick managed to get behind the counter and turn off all the lights. Everyone else had a look of confusion on their face, Mike and "K" realized in a few seconds and shouted "Nick!". We get those looks quite often-and it is the same result, we know who the culprit is. He can be "very,very sneaky!!"

I had to get them new toothbrushes,because throwing them in the toilet is a sure fire way to get new ones....or rather, Nick throwing them in the toilet. Along with the new toothbrushes, I also bought locks for our toilets and installed them immediately. No worries. I got two of them that sing a tune as you brush. Nick's sings "Hakuna Matata" from "The Lion King". At first he was not sure what to make of this, but now he loves it and laughs the entire time he is brushing!!

"K" brought the boys a big bag of souvenirs from Thailand, and Nick has taken to one of the T-shirts she brought. He was carrying it around most of the morning on Wed. Mike asked him if he wanted the shirt on. Nick said "Shirt on." Well, when Mike put the shirt on him, he realized he could not carry it around anymore and then exclaimed "Nooooo! Shirt OFF!" Poor K was also getting barraged with Nick wanting her to "FIX IT" when one of his toys was not lighting up. The poor girl was clueless as Nick shoved his rhino flashlight at her; until it was explained that all she had to do was turn it on and he would be happy. Nick has surprised us with taking this change rather well. We had to take the top bunk down in order for her to have a bed to sleep in, and he has adjusted with little problems. Change has always been easier for him when he is at his own house. There are a lot of "knowns" around here...and it is the "unknowns" in the rest of the world that are unsettling to him. It was an experience schlepping this kid across the country and staying at a different hotel every night ;)


Michelle said...

Wow! It really sounds like Nick is doing more talking! That is awesome!!

Amy said...

Yes Michelle, he is talking more! I was so shocked that he said what he wanted-I almost cried. It is so hard for him most times to make his wishes known. I was also happy that he played with a wooden toy taxi from Thailand appropriately last night! He rolled it back and forth on the was such a beautiful sight to see...even if it was short lived! He is understanding so much more as well! Really gives me hope for his cognitive development =)