Sunday, January 04, 2009

Diaper Dilemma...

I came across a bit of a dilemma today at the grocery store. Earlier last week I had gone to Safeway(not our usual store)and bought a big pack of Huggies Overnights. These are wonderful diapers for Nick as they hold up overnight, and it was truly nice to have a week where I did not have to change sheets. Anyway, I went to our usual store today to stock up on some items since school is starting again tomorrow( I left the house this afternoon it started snowing and has not stopped). One of the items we needed was diapers. I looked for the big pack of Huggies...none to be found. They had the Overnights, but only 27 in a pack. UGH. If we use those all the time we would be buying more in just 2-3 days(some get sent to school). But, if I buy our usual big pack of Luvs and use those at night, we are back to changing sheets at least twice a week. I do not like doing more laundry than I have to. I finally decided to get both. Yes, it was expensive, but it is either a few extra dollars, or an extra load of laundry?? Hmmmm. Hopefully this year we can get Nick potty trained! Maybe I will start doing my shopping in both stores??

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