Friday, November 28, 2008

Finally Friday.....

With the refridgerator as his canvas; he created his own masterpiece this morning. He has been the grumpy artist all day as well. He was getting tired of being in the house all day just as I was, so I took him with me to Safeway to pick up two toothbrushes. You know, to replace the ones he so eloquently dunked in the toilet. They are electronic ones too, so we will see how that goes. Maybe he will like it better and let me spend more than 5 seconds on each side. He enjoyed the chance to go "Bye Bye" with mommy. He ran to the couch so I could put his shoes and jacket on, and then stood patiently by the door while I got ready. The whole way there he was gleefully chatting to himself in the backseat. It was wonderful to hear him go on like that. When he does that, I know he is happy. Michael had been getting on his nerves all day long it seemed. Nick was getting in the way a lot, and Michael would tell him "NO", then Nick would fling himself to the floor and start crying. This went on all day long. One of those days where I am happy to put them to bed at night!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

A week to be Thankful; and a few phone calls

The week started off with a phone call from Nick's developmental Dr. I was not home at the time, so Mike answered the phone. We all know how guys are when they are supposed to take messages...Mike could not remember which doctor called back. Luckily, I had also e-mailed this doctor, and he wrote me back. I had told him about Nick having mushy and runny stools again, and how it had been going on for a week and we had gone through a period of normal stools after modifying his diet some. He asked if Nick had seen the GI doctor at Madigan yet(yes), and proceeded to tell me that unless he has pure diarrhea, mushy is still considered normal. How can we go from weeks of formed BM's, followed by weeks of mush and it be normal?? If he were sick I could understand. But he's not sick. I just want to know what is going on internally with my boy! I have not e-mailed him back yet, as I had other things going on the past couple of days that needed attention as well, but what do you all think of this?? Any comments would be greatly appreciated!

Also, we got a call back from his neurologist Monday. She wants to see him again in December. She thinks it is probably nothing to worry about as well. After all, don't a lot of kids have 15-20 spasms in a 2 hour period?? I am beginning to think everyone thinks I am making stuff up. She talked to Mike and he said he had not noticed anything. Of course! Nick is at home, and not in a stressful-chaotic-environment. From what I have read about seizures(and I have done ALOT of reading the past week) is that they can cause muscle spasms, and can happen in periods of high stress or excitement(a new school routine would fall into that category..don't ya think??) Anyway, his therapist at UW saw these episodes as well, and she mentioned that maybe he could see their neuro. I asked her today while we were there and she said that she would check into it.

I sat down with her today before we started his session and we discussed upcoming goals we would like to see reached. We want to revisit the whole potty training thing-but not the way we did it before. We discussed more about "trip-training"...where we take him to the bathroom every hour or so and have him sit on the toilet for a few minutes. We will see if the school will move their classroom to one that has a bathroom before we attempt this-because the school needs to be involved in this whole process. We are seeing positive changes in Nick as well. He is really trying to communicate with us on a new level. He is wanting things, and when he cannot reach them, he comes to get us, and looks specifically in a certain direction and will say things like "I want toy" or something of the like. He is able to follow a point and get things for us, and he even will help put away the groceries.He is able to undress himself and get in to the tub, his receptive language has just exploded this year and he is understanding nearly everything we say now.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and that means it is a day to be thankful for what we have. I am thankful that my children are healthy.
I am thankful that we have not dealt with any major side effects of Michael's meds
I am thankful to have a wonderful hubby who has been by my side through thick and thin.
I am thankful for my family-who have supported us throughout this journey.
I am thankful to have a few really awesome friends. I give a shout out to my "peeps" Dana, Cristina,Kristine,Susan, and Elyssa-you all are wonderful!!
I am thankful that Nick has not flushed the remote down the toilet,although numerous submersions have deemed in in-operable.
I am more thankful that the cable company is giving us a new remote for FREE
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy the time with your families!