Thursday, October 09, 2008

A Costume for Nick

Sorry I have not posted in so long! Life has just been going along pretty quietly here. Nick's headbanging resurfaced for a short time, but he lost interest in it rather quickly this time, either that or Michael just has not pissed him off too badly!LOL! We have an appointment with the Neurology clinic tomorrow, and honestly, I am not sure what I am going to tell them. I have not noticed any major jerks lately, but he did have some smaller ones during therapy last week. Not sure if his therapist noticed or not, but I did. When things like this happen and then seemingly go away-I start to wonder if I am just a neurotic mother. I know there may be nothing we could do about them, but I guess I just need confirmation of sorts that I am not losing my mind. And, I want to know what is possibly going on with my little boy!

Fall has definitely arrived. The trees are quickly turning bright reds,yellows, and browns and losing their leaves. We are getting ready for Halloween. Michael is going to be a ninja again, and Nick, well, we are making him a rather unique costume this year. I tried to find a costume for him, but nothing jumped out at me. He is not interested in super heroes, or other characters. Sure we could dress him up in some costume that we would deem "acceptable or appropriate". But, what would HE want? We had to think. When your child's objects of affection are things like microwaves,ceiling fans, and light switches, you have to be creative. The idea quickly came to light...literally. Nick loves colorful lights. Why not dress him in something we KNOW he would love! So, I went out with a different costume in mind. I found a black hooded costume robe that is his size, some multi-colored battery operated decorative lights in the Christmas section, and some fabric glue to glue them on. We also thought we could attach things like pinwheels, and other small toys that Nick likes. Now, that would be a costume that says Nick all over it! Maybe next year we can find a way to hook up his own light switch to his lights! I will post pictures when I get it all done.