Saturday, September 13, 2008

Almost home!!

Tomorrow I will be getting back home to my three wonderful boys! I got to talk to each of them today and it was so good to hear all their voices! I even had a conversation with Nick..bless his little heart. He was coached by daddy on what to say. It went something like this:

(with dad in the background telling Nick to say "Hi mommy")
Nick: Hi Mommy
Me: Hi Nicholas!
Nick: Hi Nicholas!
Me: How are you?
(Mike in the background: say I am Fine)
Nick then proceeds to speak some happy little jargon that I cannot understand; but find adorable anyway. He is using his happy voice, and whatever he is telling me is exciting to him.
Me: Really??! WOW! I Love you!
Nick: I sorry
Me: What are you sorry about Nick?
He makes a disgruntled sound, and this I know is the end of our conversation. I tell him I love him, and he says Bye Bye.

Goodbye sweet boys! I will see you tomorrow!!