Monday, August 25, 2008

Feeling a bit defeated today..

You ever have one of those days?? I am having one today. All last week Nick had been doing great with his labeling of "car,spoon,cup,and ball". He got them right every time. Anyway, we went to therapy today and I told her all the wonderful things he had done since last session. Do ya think he did them this session?? NO WAY! He was fine the first few minutes, then, sometime during the alphabet puzzle, he just lost it. He had a hard time even completing the shape sorter; which is normally very easy for him. After that, he wanted nothing to do with anything and proceeded to lay on the trampoline and cry and stim. We could not even touch him. I felt so helpless because I could not soothe my own son. I had no idea of why he was acting that way either. He was fine in the waiting room!

After that ordeal, I came home to find my hubby standing outside reading a flier that had come in the mail. It was from the DDD advertising all of their "great" programs for children & adults with disabilities. Hubby proceeded to call them. Basically, from what we were told, that Nick is on another freaking waiting list-that he just got on it in June-they only take 100 kids per YEAR-and the ones who are deemed "emergencies" automatically go ahead of him. Somedays I just don't get it. WHY is it so hard to get help?? Time for me to get back into school so I can become part of the solution to this problem. I ended up taking the summer off. My original intent was to just take one semester off, but since I am going away for two weeks on the 30th, I am waiting until I get back to enroll.

Yes, you read that right. I am going out of town for two weeks. I leave on Saturday. Leaving all the guys at home by themselves is daunting to say the least. I have full faith that Mike can handle things though. For me, it will be two weeks of not thinking about autism. Although it is work related, I am going to try and relax somewhat. I might end up taking the lap top with me, so that I can e-mail and post pictures. NOt sure though. If I don't get on again before I leave, I wish everyone a safe Labor day and I will see you all in Sept!

Just a few minutes.....

I just got back from my run and I am savoring the last few minutes I can of absolute piece and quiet. Just a few more minutes is all I need to mentally prepare myself for the day. My "To-Do" list is always present, it never seems to get any smaller. Trying not to think and just BE right now.