Thursday, August 07, 2008

Another hurdle overcome as a family!

We have been slowly getting used to our life without Maggi. A week after she passed, we received a card from the vet's office that had a lock of her fur and her paw print. A lovely reminder of a wonderful friend. I found myself getting choked up again as I once again touched her fur; which was wrapped in a little pink bow and taped to the card. We have missed seeing her in the back yard, but I know she is in a better place.

I have been trying to contact the doctor so that Nick can get another eval. His twitching movements have not gone away. One day last week when I was feeding him I saw his eyes start to flutter from side to side. He certainly was not moving them on his own in that manner and you could not get his attention during this time. When I did call the Dr; I got the receptionist who told me that a spot would not be available until Sept. I told her that he has been having these twitching episodes, and she then took a message for the Dr to call me. Other than these episodes, he is doing beautifully. He has become fascinated with the letters of the alphabet. He will spend countless hours lining them up, carrying them, standing at the fridge and saying what they are. During therapy Tuesday he persisted in grouping them on the mini trampoline and admiring them. He knows them all on sight, and even will say their sounds. He is simply mesmerized by them, and will protest if anyone tries to thwart his "organization".

Last weekend a neighbor told me about a drive in movie theater in Auburn. I looked it up online, and was excited about finally being able to see a movie with the whole family! Since Nick cannot tolerate the noise level in a regular theater, we have not been able to see a movie with all four of us. It was worth a shot, and MUCH cheaper than the theater we normally go to. We also got to see two movies for the price of one!! SCORE!! We piled in the Jeep, and the four of us spent a night at a drive-in. It was a great experience and it was nice to see a movie with my hubby! The boys ended up falling asleep during the first movie; afterall, it did not start until after 9pm, and our boys are on bedtime schedules. Their little bodies could just not make it past 10pm! We will find a way to have as normal life as can be with autism. It will not stop any of us!