Sunday, July 27, 2008

Goodbye Maggi...


We will miss you!

Maggi earned her wings and went to heaven on July 25th at 2pm. She had come down with a uterine infection and was not able to eat or drink anything because she would just throw it up. We took her to the vet, and they said her kidneys were failing, she was severely dehydrated, and she would need emergency surgery to remove her uterus. She was so unstable, that they could not guarantee she would live through the procedure, and even if she did, she would likely have lasting kidney damage. Her body was in shock and her breathing was very difficult. We let her go gracefully to play with the angels. We kissed her and petted her all the way to heaven and told her how much we loved her. Nick has a way of saying poignant things at the right times, and this was no exception. Before Maggi took her last breath, Nick came over and put both his hands on her back/tummy. He did not play in her fur like he always did; but placed his hands on her and said "Belly" three times. He then went to lay on the little couch and said "Time to go night night". He just has a way about him that I have never seen before.