Monday, July 21, 2008

What Now??!

Yes, I know, I have neglected you; my blogger friends-but, I swear there is a good reason. Last Sunday, as I was preparing dinner, Nicholas was laying in his favorite spot underneath the fan. I looked at him and then I noticed something was strange. His head was shaking, and not in his normal way either..but it seemed like little jerks and then it was gone. Monday came and the head issue was long forgotten. He had a diaper with some diarrhea in it first thing in the morning-but again, nothing serious, as it was the only one he had. We are in therapy when the twitches and jerks come back. This time, they affect his whole body. They last maybe a second or so, but they kept coming. He did that like 10 times during the session. It was so bad that his therapist stopped the session a few minutes early and was very concerned about this new development. I got home and told Mike about the twitches. He had not seen them, so at the time, he did not think too much of it. That evening, when I was napping, Mike noticed that Nick's legs were twitching. At first he thought Nick was "dancing" on the floor, but then he realized that the rest of him was completely still. (Which, if you have seen Nick, you know that this is very unusual movement for him). I called his Dr the very next day, and was told to record every time this happens and all the details leading up to it, and what happens during it. She wants to see him sometime in August, but will see him sooner if he gets worse. He went most of the week without another episode, but had another on Saturday night as I was getting him dressed for bed. He was leaning on the bed, and again, his whole body jerked. I am hoping that the Dr will put in a referral for neurology and we can "see" what is going on. If she does not automatically put one in, I will request it. They are jerky, and come on too suddenly to be "normal". I think in the back of our heads we KNOW what these are, I just don't want them to get any worse. He is doing beautifully otherwise. He is using words, making requests, and trying to really connect with people. He has made some huge leaps in a rather short time. He is starting to not like having dirty diapers, and came to me a few days ago saying "Nicholas, diaper". Yesterday he was whining because he thought he had "Poo-Poo" in his diaper and he does not like that. Maybe he will be potty trained by five??!!