Tuesday, July 08, 2008

America's Got Talent.....

Not sure how many of you all out there in blogland have heard about this extraordinary young man. He is 9yrs old and was diagnosed with autism when he was two. He would sing in the bus on his way to school and back. This was news to his parents because he did not speak at all. I could not watch this without tearing up. He is such a sweetie and I cannot wait to watch it this week to see how he does!

GO DAVID!! We are rooting for you!!!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Vacation...part 2

It has been an interesting vacation to say the least! Wednesday started with daddy calling the dealership at 8am to see what the heck was going on with our Jeep. The guy was getting fed up with all of our calls,but daddy did not care. He just wanted to get this whole thing fixed so we could enjoy our vacation! The repairman told him that he was several days behind on fixing cars, and he did not know when he could get to ours. Needless to say, this distressed everyone; especially mommy. We needed a car to get home with, since staying another week would be too much money. With all this stress going around I was getting rather un-hinged sometimes. Luckily, our friends understood, and did not take any of my outbursts personally. Mommy and daddy decided it might be best to upgrade our old Jeep;so we ended up trading in our old Jeep for a new(er) one. This newer one has all the luxuries! Anyway, we got the car thing settled, and then on Thursday we headed off to Silverwood Theme Park!!

We were excited about this day. My brother was especially excited since he was getting to ride the roller coasters for the very first time. All of us went on the first ride; which was some log splasher thing. I personally think they could have done without all of the employees talking over loud speakers...they were not using their inside voices! I tried not to come unglued; and I think I did pretty well. We all sat in this log thingie and went for a nice quiet ride..until we got to this big drop! We plunged down and that was the worst bath I ever took..no matter what daddy tried to say! I was scared for a bit, but I tried not to let mommy see, I was brave. After a few more rides, it was time to hit the water park. YEAH BABY, YEAH! That was MY domain!! We sunned ourselves, played in the lazy river, and ruled the toddler attractions! I was thoroughly over stimulated!! Mommy thought I would sleep easily that night; but she was wrong! I just could not settle down and she had to give me some of my sleepy vitamins.

The next day was the 4th of July; and we really did not do too much. We cooked out hamburgers(they smelled really good, so good in fact, that I never want to eat them, just smell them) and then went to meet up with our friends at their house. We went to Riverfront park to watch the sky light up. It was most fantastic!! If you love lights like I do; then you should see these lights!!! After you get used to the loud BOOM they make, it really is very neat!!! After the loud lights, we went back to the parking lot and waited for traffic to die down before heading home. I was introduced to "E" and "N"'s grandfather; who had a strange car that kept beeping. I tried my best to find out what it was so that I could fix it, but the dang thing would not stop beeping no matter how hard I banged on the seat. I never did find out what everyone was laughing about? I think that car is messed up and I tried to tell everyone that it was not funny; but they kept on laughing anyway. Maybe I missed something?? Nah, that car is totally busted!! Why else would it beep everytime I banged the seat?? Any mechanics reading this??

Today we just hung out again and relaxed. We are heading back home on Monday, and no; it's not funny!