Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Vacation Saga Begins....

We started our little journey yesterday just after 11 am. All went smoothe with the road trip, and we were all looking forward to an uneventful vacation. I somehow got stuck on the phrase "It's not funny" for about 20 miles. Everyone was laughing at what they thought was just a random phrase I was saying. I kept repeating "It's not funny" over and over again. We got to our friends' house and stopped to chat for a while before heading to find a campsite. Daddy turned the car off, and we all got out. A little while later, daddy went to start the car again, and all it did was "click,click". I mean, I tried to tell them "It's not funny", but did they listen to me?? Of course not. So, we had to get help from the neighbors to get the trailer off the car, and hitch it to one of their trucks. So, mommy and all us kids stayed with our friends and played while daddy rode with the neighbor guy to the campsite. We went to Wal-mart to get some necessities to last us until we could get situated with everything and collect our thoughts about the car thing. After a LONG day, we all made it to bed around midnight.

We woke up today and started working the car problem. Mommy called our friends so they could come and get us, and see what we could do to fix our problem. Daddy went to start the car again to humor himself, but the car just made the same clicking noise. Daddy called around to a couple of mechanic places and to the Jeep dealership, as well as scheduled a tow truck guy to come pick up our car. Mommy made a phone call to see if we could get a temporary loan to fix the car and pay for the tow truck costs, and possibly a rental car. She still wanted us to be able to do some fun stuff on our vacation,instead of just be able to fix the darned car. So, the tow truck guy arrives and we all go out to meet him. He tells daddy to try and start the car again, so daddy does. What do you think happens next?? The car starts! We quickly pile in to two cars, and follow our friends to the dealership. By the time we get there, their service dept. is closed, and so is the rental car places. Stranded. At the dealership. We figure out a way to get 8 of us back to the house, with leaving the Jeep at the dealership. After "T" dropped off his wife and kids plus my brother back at their house, he came back so that mommy,daddy, and I could go to the airport to get a rental car. This was fun for me...a big windstorm came and I was cracking up because the wind was spinning my pinwheel SOOOOOO fast!!! This was the funnest part of the day by far!!! Long story short, we got a rental car for a couple of days until ours can be fixed. After that, we went back to the house and all pigged out on pizza. Except for me; I don't care much for pizza. Too messy. Now, we are back in the trailer, getting ready for bed. It was another long day, but overall, better than yesterday. Stay tuned..more to follow!!